MCJ Law is a specialist law firm practicing in most areas of civil litigation.  It was founded by Matt Josephson, a lawyer who has been working successfully for more than twenty years as a civil litigator.

MCJ Law seeks to achieve the best results for its clients within an acceptable level of risk, and in a cost-effective manner.  The firm is based out of offices in Parnell, Auckland, and Mangawhai, north of Auckland.

We offer an initial no-obligation consultation.  In general, fees are based on time and attendance at hourly rates.  No-win/no-fee arrangements are available in some cases.

Practice Areas

Local and Regional Authorities

Matt has had a legal lifetime of both defending and bringing claims against councils.

Professional Negligence

We've acted for or against lawyers, accountants, engineers, surveyors, architects, valuers, real estate agents, banks, insurance brokers and financial agents.


All aspects of insurance law - this includes bringing claims directly against insurance companies, and broader advice concerning adequate and effective insurance cover.

Defective Buildings

Whether due to foundation problems, leaks, fire rating and earthquake issues, or anything else.

Building Contracts

Including Construction Contracts Act disputes between builder and building owner.

Vendor and Purchaser

Contractual disputes, typically concerning the sale and purchase of land or businesses.

Unit Titles Acts 1972 and 2010

Litigation concerning the Unit Titles Acts 1972 and 2010 (body corporates) or incorporated societies.

Tort Cases

Almost all aspects of tort law. While negligence is overwhelmingly the most significant legal tort, tort comes in many forms, including for example nuisance and neighbour disputes.

Contract Cases

We have a strong background in contract law.


We have significant experience in insolvency matters.

Our People